Burn Gothenburg, burn!

Third ep from Let Them Hang based Death'n'Rollers now as cassette release. "Human Macabre Icon" gets you 3 tunes and 10 minutes of vibe you might cherish from later Entombed efforts, but more downtuned and with deeper pulse.
Burn Gothenburg, burrn!
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Get your soul Cursed Eternally!

Curse Eternal "Demo 2017" tape cassette is available.
Death/Thrash/Black from Finland worshipping Ancient Gods: Treblinka/Tiamat/Nifelheim/Venom/Bathory.
4 songs, debut demo, tape cassette release.
Hear for your own ears:

Get it here: http://tyfb.8merch.com/demo_2017-id11594
and have your soul cursed forevermore.

Morbid Stench tape is out

Debut demo from El Salvador Morbid Stench. 3 tunes of Death/Doom. Europe Till You Fukkin Bleed edition Comes as sleeve with big size artwork/lirycs sheet. Limited to 75 copies.
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El Salvador hateful twin assault!

Conceived by Hate "Death&Beyond" cassette lp available here:

Morbid Stench "The Stench of Doom" demo tape out soon: